Opportunities at Gravity Hill Farm

Gravity Hill Farm is seeking part-time and full time seasonal farm workers for fall production.

Job Description
Farm workers are involved in many aspects of production including harvest, weeding, cultivating, as well as washing and packing produce for markets. Positions start immediately. Part time farm worker hours range between 15-30 hours per week, Full time farm workers range between 35-60 hours per week. Great employees are eligible for re-hire for next season.

Seeking dedicated individuals with an interest in small-scale organic agriculture and a sense of humor. All applicants must be able to work long hours at a quick pace in any weather condition, thrive as a part of a small team, and have the ability to lift 40 pounds repeatedly.

Wage is commensurate with experience.

To apply, send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to Amy Scott at Gravityhillfarmmanager@gmail.com

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Meet our Assistant Manager, Ashley See.

Ashley comes to Gravity Hill in her third year of farming and forth year working in the sustainable food world. Most recently, Ashley farmed for the last two years at Potomac Vegetable Farms in Northern Virginia (just outside of Washington DC). Prior to this, she worked for the media relations team at Slow Food USA and with Cooking Matters for the Idaho Food Bank.

If you're ever curious on how to cook, dehydrate, pickle or freeze a vegetable, then this native Oregonian has probably tried. Just ask!



Meet our Packing Shed Manager, Andi Jo Goodrich.

Andi moved to New Jersey 5 years ago after a 12-year career in live theatre in Savannah, GA and growing up in Northern Michigan. She has worked at Gravity Hill since that arrival. She likes to apply a variety of skills (leftovers from theatre) anywhere they are needed on the farm. On any day she can be found building a table, making spreadsheets, cooking, painting, or selling yummy veggies.

When she's not working at the farm she likes to cook, garden, travel, read and mend fences at the local History Farm.



Meet our Mushroom House Manager, Ben Reilly.

Over the past few years Ben has worked on vegetables farms in Israel, Argentina, and the Adirondacks and is excited to return to his native New Jersey. He has grown mushrooms as a hobby for some time and loves all things related to fungi. Ben is currently fulfilling his dream of growing exotic mushrooms and spreading his love and admiration of edible fungi throughout the community.

Ben enjoys making things and growing things, as well as eating, reading, listening to, and watching them.



Meet our 2nd Year Apprentice, Kara Kuntz.

This is Kara's second season as a Gravity Hill intern. She is excited to continue living and learning in such a dynamic community of farmers and friends. Before Gravity Hill, Kara was a backyard gardener in New York, but she has grown attached to the challenges and triumphs of farm-sized vegetable production.

When Kara isn't farming, she's learning how to cook, picking through garage sales, and getting lost in the woods.



Meet our Short-Season Apprentice, LJ Philp.

LJ grew up on Long Island surrounded by potato farms and vineyards. As a small child he experienced backyard farming with his grandfather, where he would always share his produce with neighbors and friends. This created a love and desire for growing vegetables. LJ graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in Humanities, He has always kept himself employed working outdoors and with his hands. As his desire for farming has grown so has the idea of owning his own farm which has lead him here to Gravity Hill Farm.

When not working LJ has done extensive traveling to Norway, Italy and Spain (running with the bulls). He also enjoys movies, reading, playing sports, and hiking on the Appalachian Trail.



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