Opportunities at Gravity Hill Farm

Meet our team for the 2015 Growing Season. You'll see them at our markets and they love to talk about what they do! Of course our farm team also eat a lot of vegetables and so have lots of recipes to share as well.


Andi Jo Goodrich moved to New Jersey 6 years ago after a 12-year career in live theatre in Savannah, GA and growing up in Northern Michigan. She has worked at Gravity Hill since that arrival. She likes to apply a variety of skills (leftovers from theatre) anywhere they are needed on the farm. On any day she can be found building a table, making spreadsheets, cooking, painting, or selling yummy veggies.

When she's not working at the farm she likes to cook, garden, travel, read and mend fences at the local History Farm.



Chelsea Strehse grew up in the Philadelphia area, at least an hour from the nearest farm. She nurtured her green thumb in her family's backyard garden before leaving to study environmental science in university. Before arriving at Gravity Hill, Chelsea worked on farms in Vermont and Washington state. She managed a small group of goats while in Washington, and hopes to have a herd (and a farm) of her own some day.

When not harvesting veggies or digging in the soil, Chelsea enjoys spending time hiking or backpacking, cooking farm-fresh food, and photographing nature.


Dan Reynolds was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Growing up, he enjoyed many outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, and archery. He received a Bachelors in Psychology in 2014 with a minor in philosophy. During this time he developed a stronger appreciation and interest in food and our relationship to it, and pursued a farm internship in Washington state. He fell in love with the work and culture, and has continued in the field with Gravity Hill Farm!

When Dan is not farming, you may find him playing drums in some of Trenton's more grungy dive bars



Jessica Clarke was born and raised in the great Garden State and has gardened in Florida and curated plants in New York before returning home to pursue her interest in farming. She spends most of her time thinking about or eating food, so it seemed only natural to progress to growing food.

As a young child she remembers seeing "giant" tomato plants growing up the side of her great grandfather's house. She aspires to be half as good of a grower as he.

During her free time she daydreams about traveling around the world.


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